Remembering RAF Edzell

Connect and share memories about RAF Edzell, Scotland.

This is Dave Donnelly and what I remember most was playing fast-pitch softball all the way to Sidi-Yahia Morroco and playing flag football all the way to Rota Spain and playing basketball in Ireland. Edzell, wow, the land where the sun shines and there is 60 degree weather for about two weeks in July. Best memories of my life were at Edzell... I married Dorothy Noe, I went to the University of Florida with Tim Oldemoppen under the old G.I. Bill. So many friends.... Hooker, Munch, Derb, Denny Walsh, I was roommates with Terry Baxter and Dennis Haynes.  Debbie, Teresa, Vicki. Do y'all remember when ...well... wow!   E-mail me at - I'd love to hear from you!  How about New Castle Brown Ale at Jolly's???

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