Remembering RAF Edzell

Connect and share memories about RAF Edzell, Scotland.

Of all the places I have lived while growing up a "Navy Brat", Edzell, Scotland is, without a doubt, my favorite. Though I didn't appreciate it then, the time spent there are some of the fondest memories of my life.

We lived in Scotland from 1975-1978. I experienced the Scottish culture first hand when we lived in a 300 year old farm house while waiting for housing on base. I attended Scottish schools and made many friends who I had unfortunately lost touch with, though I am thrilled to say I have reestablished contact with many of them through the internet.

My fondest memories though, are of the times we lived at the base. I enjoyed being able to walk to the movies, snack bar, gym, bowling alley, raquetball courts, tennis courts, Loch Wee and YAC, all of which I frequented often.  

This site was created to share some of those memories  with others who lived there. Most of my photos reflect my teenage interests at the time - my friends, from on and off base. If you lived there during the same time frame, you just might find a picture of yourself within these pages. I hope you will share your photos and memoris with us as well.
I truly hope this community brings back as many good memories for you as it does for me.
Best wishes to all of you and thanks for being here!

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Where was the farm house you lived in? I spent a year living in the Gatekeeper's house on the Fasque Estate in Fettercairn.

Jeff Spurlin
It was the Vayne Farm in Fern, Angus County, near Brechin. I will be posting photos of it later this week (along with lots of other photos!).

Thanks for joining the group!


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